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Week : 31 Date of preparing: 27/ 03/ 2015
Period: 91 Date of teaching: 31/ 03/ 2015
By the end of the lesson, ss will be able to:
+ Know and understand more about famous places in Viet Nam and all over the world.
+ Develop their speaking, listening skill.
II. PREPARATIONS: Textbook, Pictures, cassette


1/ Warm-up: (6’)
- Ask Ss to answer some questions.
a. Is Phong Nha cave in southern Viet Nam?
b. Is PETRONAS Twin Towers the tallest building in the world?
c. Is the Great Barrier Reef a World Heritage Site?
- Lead to the lesson.

- Answer the questions.
a. No, it isn’t.
b. No, it isn’t.
c. Yes, it is.

- Listen.

2/ Pre-speaking: (15’)
( Activity 1:
- Ask Ss to observe 10 famous places.
- Have Ss match the information with the correct places.
I. Matching:
1, great wall of China a, in New York
2, empire state building USAb, in Paris
3, petronas twin towers c, in China
4, great barrier reef d, a tallest building
5, Hue citadel e, world heritage
6, Ha Long bay f, in England
7, Phong Nha cave g, in England
8, Eiffel tower h, in Quang Binh
9, mount Everrest j, in Quang Ninh
10, Big Ben j, in the central of Vietnam
- Ask Ss to choose three of them to write down in their note book.
( Activity 2:
- Introduce new structures: Direct speech ( indirect speech with Yes/ No questions.
II. Stucture:
Direct :
I asked Hoa : “Is Phong Nha cave in southern Viet Nam?” – Hoa said, “No, it isn’t.”
In Direct:I asked Hoa if / whether EiffelTower was in Germany . She said that it wasn’t.
=> S + V-ed + 0 if / whether S + V + 0

- Observe.
- Read carefully and match.
1, great wall of China - in China
2, empire state building USA - a tallest building
3, petronas twin towers - world heritage
4, great barrier reef
5, Hue citadel – in thecentral of Vietnam
6, Ha Long bay - in Quang Ninh
7, Phong Nha cave - in Quang Binh
8, Eiffel tower – in Paris
9, mount Everrest
10, Big Ben - in England

- Write three questions down.

- Take note.

3/ While-speaking: (14’)
( Activity 1:
- Ask Ss to ask their partner three questions that they write in their notebook.
( Activity 2:
- Ask Ss to report the direct speech into indirect speech.
III. Speak:
- Ask Ss to practice with a partner.
- Call some Ss to present their reported speech.

- Write the answers in the notebook.

- Report the speech.

- Practice.
- Present.

4/ Post-speaking: (8’)
- Teach some vocabulary.
IV. Listen:
1. Vocabulary:
relaxing (a) : giải trí
jungle(n): rừng
crystal (a) : trong suốt (như pha lê)
coral(n): san hô
snorkel(v): bơi với ống thở
marine(a): biển
heritage(n): di sản
- Check vocabulary: R.O.R
- Set the scene.
- Open the tape twice.
- Ask Ss to give feedback.
2. Correct mistakes:
Southern far north
Inn hotel
Jungle rainforest

- Listen, guess the meaning, practice and take note.

- Do as directed.
- Read the advertisement silently.
- Listen and find mistakes.
- Give feedback.

5/ Homework: (2’)
- Ask Ss to
+ Learn the grammar and vocabulary.
+ Prepare unit 14: Read.

- Write assignments.


Week : 31 Date of preparation: 29/ 03/ 2015
Period: 92 Date of teaching: 01/ 04/ 2015