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Week : 30 Date of preparation: 22/03/2015
Period: 59 Date of teaching: 27/03/2015

Lesson 4: WRITE
- By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to write a short story by using guided information and pictures.
II. PREPARATION: Text books, pictures

1/ Warm-up: (7’)
- Ask Ss to observe a picture and answer some questions.

- Lead to the lesson.

- Observe and answer some questions.

- Listen.

2/ Pre-writing: (13’)
(Activity 1: Pre-teach vocabulary
- Introduce the aims of the writing and help Ss with some new words :
I. New words:
Shelter(n):a place to hide or stay away fromdanger
Behave (v) : act in a manner
scare (a): afraid
shine (v): chiếu
heavy rain (n): mưa to
- Check vocabulary: What and Where
(Activity 2:
- Have Ss work in pairs to match the correct passage to the pictures 1 to 6.

- Guide Ss how to write the story, reminding Ss of using tense and word forms.
Ex: It was a beautiful day.

- Listen carefully and repeat in chorus and individually, then take note.

- Do as directed.

- Look at the pictures, and match.
1. It/ beautiful day. Sun/shine.
Sky/ blue. Weather/ perfect. Lan/
outside/ play/ her dog/ Skippy
2. All of a sudden/ dog/ behaved
strangely. She/ keep/ run around in circles
3. Lan/run/ home/with/dog/tell
/mother/ what Skippy/ do. Lan’s
mother- Mrs. Queyn/tell Lan/she/
Hear/on TV/ there/be/typhoon
4. Mrs. Quyen/gather/family/tell/
They/find/shelter/in the home
5. Suddenly /sky/become/very dark.
Strom/come/with strong winds/
Heavy rain/ Mrs. Quyen/family/
6. But/ soon/ storm/ finish. Everyone/
glad./ What/ clever dog/ Skippy! She/
Save Lan/ from/ catch/ in/ typhoon.

- Listen.

3/ While-writing: (15’)
- Have Ss write the story in 6 groups.
- Ask Ss to hang on the sub-boards.
3/ While-writing: (15’)
- Write in groups.
- Hang on their writings.

4/ Post-writing: (8’)
- Correct their writing.
- Give suggested writing.
It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the weather was perfect. Lan was outside playing with her dog, Skippy. All of a sudden, the dog began behaving strangely. She kept running around in circle. Lan ran home with her dog to tell her mother what Skippy was doing. Lan`s mother, Mrs. Quyen told Lan that she heard on TV that there was a typhoon coming. Mrs Quyen gathered her family and told them to find shelter in the house.Suddenly, the sky became very dark. The storm came with strong winds and heavy rain. Mrs. Quyen and her family were scared, but soon the storm finished and everyone was glad. What a clever dog skippy is! She saved Lan from being caught in the typhoon.

- Pay attention..
- Compare and correct their writings.

5/ Homework: (2’)
- Have Ss:
+ Learn by heart new words.
+ Prepare for the next period Unit 9: lesson 5: language focus

- Write assignments.