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Week : 30 Date of preparation: 18/03/2015
Period: 59 Date of teaching: 23/03/2015

Lesson 3: READ
- By the end of the lesson, students will be able to get more information about the natural disasters in the world.
II. PREPARATION: Text books, pictures

1/ Warm-up: (7’)
Matching and chatting
- Show four pictures and ask students to match them with four words: thunderstorm, earthquake, volcano, typhoon, tornado.

( Lead in the lesson, “We’re going to read about these natural disasters.”

- Work individually.

Answer keys:
Picture 1: thunderstorm
Picture 2: earthquake
Picture 3: typhoon
Picture 4: tornado
Picture 5: volcano
- Listen.

2/ Pre-reading: (13’)
(Activity 1: Pre-teach vocabulary
- Introduce new words.
I. New words
hit (v): đánh vào
collapse (v): sụp đổ
Tidal wave (n): sóng thần
predict (v): dự đoán
Tornado (n): vòi rồng
Erupt (v): Eruption (n): phun trào
Funnel (n): cái phễu
pass (v): đi qua
lift (v): nâng
severe (a): gay go
tropical (a): thuộc nhiệt đới
- Check vocabulary: R.O.R
(Activity 2: True-False statement predictions
- Get students to work in pairs to guess which statements on page 79 are true or false.

- Listen, guess and write down.

- Do as directed.

- Read statements carefully and guess.

3/ While-reading: (15’)
(Activity 1: Reading and checking
- Have students read the text on page 78 and correct false statements.
* Answer keys (T or F)
Statement 1: T
Statement 2: T
Statement 3: F
Statement 4: T
Statement 5: F
Statement 6: T

(Activity 2: Complete the sentences
- Have Ss work in pairs and complete the sentences 5b P/79.
- Ask Ss to give feedback.
occur around the Pacific Rim
people were killed when homes, office blocks and highways collapsed.
there is an abrupt shift in the underwater movement of the Earth.
a cyclone.
the word “typhoon”
6. passes overland below a thunderstorm and sucks up anything that is in its path.

- Work individually.
+ Statement 3: F (correct: A huge tidal ware traveled from Alaska to California.
+ Statement 5: F (correct: The eruption of mount Pinatubo is the world’s largest volcanic eruption in more than 50 years.

- Work in pairs.

- Give feedback.

4/ Post-reading: (8’)
- Ask Ss to play game networks.

- Play in two teams.

5/ Homework: (2’)
- Have Ss:
+ Learn by heart new words.
+ Prepare for the next period Unit 9: lesson 4: Write.

- Write assignments.