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It + is/ was + subject (chủ ngữ) + that + verb (động từ): chính ai đó làm ………
1. My mother loves me most. (mẹ yêu tôi nhất)
( It is my mother that loes me most.(chính mẹ là người yêu tôi nhất)
2. That man stole my wallet. (người đàn ông đó đã trộm cái ví tiền của tôi)
( It was that man that stole my wallet. (chính người đàn ông đó đã trộm cái ví tiền của tôi)

My father usually complains about my students whenever they go to my house.
( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I used to like climbing up tress and pick fruits.
( -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My neighbors always make noise at night.
( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We often complains about the noise at night
( -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You gave her a bunch of rose last week.
( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Our English teacher is the greatest teacher in the world.
( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The earthquake destroyed everything two years ago.
( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My recent computer helps me a lots in preparing tasks for my students.
( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My students’ bad behavior made me sad yesterday morning.
( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The man gave her the book.( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The boy visited his uncle last month.( -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
I and she sang together at the party.(----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Nam’s father got angry with him.( -------------------------------------------------------------------
The boys played football all day long.( -----------------------------------------------------------------------
The girl received a letter from her friend yesterday.( ----------------------------------------------------------
His presence at the meeting frightened the children.( -------------------------------------------------------
My mother bought me a present on my birthday party.
( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The neighbor told them about it.( -------------------------------------------------------------------------
My friend came to see me late last night.( ---------------------------------------------------------------------
That boy scored the goal for his team.( --------------------------------------------------------------
The dog grabbed at the piece of meat and ran away.
( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The strong wind blew the roof off.( ----------------------------------------------------------------

It + is/ was + object (t. ngữ) + that + clause (mệnh đề= ch. ngữ + v. ngữ): chính ai/ cái gì đó, một ai đó làm/ đã làm…
1. I love my mother most. (tôi yêu mẹ tôi nhất)
( It is my mother that I love most. (chính mẹ là người tôi yêu nhất)
2. I bought this motor in 2001. (tôi đã mua chiếc xe máy này vào năm 2001)
( It was this motor that I bought in 2001. (chính chiếc xe máy này tôi đã mua năm 2001)

My younger sister always keeps her doll carefully.( --------------------------------------------------------------------
The boy hit the dog in the garden.( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The woman answered the man rudely.( -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The boy played ping pong the whole afternoon.( -------------------------------------------------------------------
The girl gave the boy a special gift on his birthday.( ---------------------------------------------------------------
My wife gave this T-shirt to me on my last birthday party.
( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I always keep your picture besides me.( ----------------------------------------------------------------------
He borrowed the money from his close friend – Hoa.( ----------------------------------------------------
The police arrested the man at the railway station.( ------------------------------------------------------
The man is learning English.( -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The woman gave him the English book.( -------------------------------------------------------------
She sent her friend a post card.( --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hoa borrowed some English books from Long.( ------------------------------------------------------
The little boy greeted his grand father in a strange language.
The pedestrian asked the policeman a lot of questions.
( -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The dog barked at the stranger.( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My mom is making some cakes for our dinner.( -----------------------------------------------------------
We all saw her husband out side the theater lats night.( -------------------------------------------------------
Mr. Hao repaired the roof yesterday morning.( --------------------------------------------------------------
I always meet my students in the café whenever I come there.
( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I bought this motor in HCM city some years ago.( ----------------------------------------------------------
I met Sasa on the way to my school.( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It + is/ was + adverbial (trạng từ) + that + clause (mệnh đề= ch. Ngữ + v. ngữ): chíng nơi nào đó/ chính lúc nào đó, ai đó làm/ đã làm …………..
1.I was born in Can Duoc. (tôi được sinh ra ở Cần Đước)
( It was in Can Duoc that I was born. (chính Cần Đước là nơi tôi được sinh ra)
2.We often gather for our study at her house. (chúng tôi thường tập trung để học tại nhà của cô ấy)
( It is at her house we often gather for our study. (chính tại nhà của cô ấy là nơi chúng tôi thường tập hợp để học).

We were born in this place.( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We often gather for dinner in this restaurant.( -------------------------------------------------------------------------
The boy hit the dog in the garden.( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------