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Week: 32 Date of preparing: 01/04/2015
Period: 94 Date of teaching: 07/04/2015


I. OBJECTIVES: By the end of this lesson, Ss will be able to remember passive form, indirect questions with if and whether, question words before to -infinitives and verb+ to infinitives.
II. PREPARATIONS: Textbook, sub-board


1/ Warm-up: (7’)
Slap the board
- Guide Ss to play the game “slap the boards” the words in ex. 1 p. 136.

- Lead to the lesson.

- Play the game.

- Listen.

2/ Exercises: (23’)
( Exercise 1: (p.136)
- Remind Ss the forms, usage of passive.
1. Passive form:
S + be + Ved/ III + (by O)

1. Present simple: am/is/are + Ved/ III
2. Past simple: was/were + Ved/ III
3. Present perfect: have/has been + Veb/ III
4. Others: will/can/must/… + be + Veb/ III
- Ask Ss to do exercise 1 in pairs.
- Call on some Ss give feedback.
(Exercise 1:
a. was completed d. was presented
b. was constructed e. was reached
c. was designed

( Exercise 2: (p.136, 137)
- Write the model sentence on the board and ask Ss to form the model structure.

2. Reported speech with Yes/ No question:
+ Ex: Is it far from Hanoi?
Nhi asked Nga if/whether it was far from HN.
+ Form:
S + asked(s) + O + if + S + V…..

- Ask Ss to do exercise 2, and then call some Ss go to the board to write the answer.
* Exercise 2:
b. Nhi asked Nga if it was far from Ha noi.
c. Nhi asked Nga if My son was in quang nam provice.
d. Nhi asked Nga ifpeople lived at My son.
e. Nhi asked Nga if/whether many tourists visited my son every year.
f. Nhi asked Nga if/ whether I wanted to visit My Son one day.
( Exercise 3: (p. 137)
- Ask Ss to remind the form of question words before to-inf.
3. Question words before to- infinitives:

S + V (O) + question word + to- infinitive
- Call some Ss to write the complete sentences on the board.
* Exercise 3:
b) Nga showed Nhi where to get tickets.
c) Nga pointed out Nhi where to buy souvenirs.
d) Nga advised Nhi how to go from My Son to Hoi An.
e) Nga told Nhi what to do there during the visit.

( Exercise 4: (p. 130)
- Remind the verbs following “to-inf” or “bare-inf”.

4. To-inf or bare-inf:
Decide/ start/ begin/ try + to-inf
will/must/have to/may + bare inf
- Ask Ss to complete the passage, use either the to infinitives or the bareinfinitives form of the verb in brackets.
* Exercise 4:
1. to jog 2 . go 3 . to gather
4 . to rain 5. to reach 6 . to continue 7 . get

- Present the form and the usage of them.

- Work in pairs.
- Give feedback.

- Make example, and take note.

- Do the exercise, and then give the answer.

- Remind.

- Write the sentences on the board.

- Listen and take note.

- Complete the passage, then give the feedback.

3/ Consolidation: (12’)
- Ask Ss to retell the grammar the have just learnt.

- Retell the grammar.

4/ Homework: (3’)
- Have Ss prepare test 4.

- Write assignment.

Week: 32 Date of preparing: 05/04/2015
Period: 95, 96