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Week 4 - Period 12
Lesson 1: My house (A1-2)
A. Objectives
By the end of the lesson, ss’ll be able to
- Introduce the objects in the house
- Make questions with these / those.
- Distinguish between single noun plural noun
B. Contents
- Vocs
- Gra: what are there / those?
C. Teaching method
D. Teaching aids
Lesson plan , text book , poster, cassette
E. Procedures
I. Organization
II. Check the old lesson
What & Where.
school door ruler
pencil book
III. New lesson
1. Warm up
What are there in your house?
2. Presentation.
* vocs
- Telephone (n) : điện thoại
- Lamp (n) : đèn
- Armchair (n) : ghế bành
- Bookshelf (n) : giá sách
- Couch (n) : ghế sa- lông dài
- Table (n) : cái bàn
- Chair (n) : ghế tựa
- Television (n) : ti vi
- Stereo (n) : máy nghe nhạc
* Model Sentences
- What are there? They’re stools
- What are those? they’re armchairs
What + be + these/ those?
They + be +N(số nhiều)
Note: N(single) + s = N( plural)
3. Practice
- Picture drill A2
Ex: - what is that? - What are those?
- It is .............. – They are ..........
- Some pairs speak aloud , T corrects
4. Production
- Work in individual: change the noun in A1 in to the plural noun
- Work in pairs: (ask & answer about objects in the class)
- Some pairs speak aloud ,T corrects
IV. Consolidation
- What are there / those?
V. Home work
- Do exercise A1-2 P17, 18
- Learn by heart vocs.
- Prepare for A3-4

Week 5 Period 13
UNIT 3: At home
Lesson 2: My house ( A3-5)
A. Objectives
By the end of the lesson , ss’ll be able to:
- Use the words about family’s subject
- Make the question about another person and adjective pronoun
- Make the question about the quantity
- introduce about job
B. Language content
- Vocs: Lang focus on family.
- Gram: Who is this / that?
How many people .....................?
C. Teaching method
D. Teaching aids
Lesson plan , text book , poster, cassette
E .Procedures
I. Organization
II. Check the old lesson
Check exercise 2 .
III. New lesson
1. Warm up .
Who are there in a family ?
2. Presentation.
* Vocs
- family (n): gia đình
- people (n): người
- father (n): bố
- mother (n): mẹ
- sister (n): chị/ em gái
- brother (n): anh/ em trai
→ Rub out & remember
* personal pronoun → possessive adjective
I → my
we → our
you → your
he → his
she → her
they → their
* Model sentences.
- Who is this ? This is my father.
- How many people are there in your family?
- There are four people in my family.
How many + N + are there + O?
There are+ N(số đếm) + O.
3. Practice .
- Work in pairs: ask & answer about Ba’s family in A4.
- Each pair speak aloud , T corrects.
- Work in pairs: 1) What is your name?
2) How old are you?
3) How many people are in your family?
4. Production.
Write a passage to introduce about your family.
Some ss read their writing , T corrects.