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Week 1. Basical tense of English 7

Teacher ask ?
What do you know about peirod and tense in English ?
There are 3 periods and 12 tenses in English
What periods ? Past - Present - future
Each period has 4 tenses now look at the map
Three periodes

Past Present future
-Past simple 7… -present simple …6. – future tense…7
- Past progressive…7. – present contin…6. - future contin…
-Past ferfect– Present perfect– future ferfect
-Past ferfect progressive - Present perfect contin – future ferfect contin…

How many tenses do we learn English 6 or 7 ? ---future tense
----past tense
---- past continous
I have 3 sentences
1. we ‘ll go to school next week
2. They learn English last year
3. we were learning English at a.m this morning
In 3 following sentence which sentence is future , past , past continous
Now we review 3 tenses in English 7
I . future tense
* use : FT tense is used to express one action will happen in the future , it is used with
( someday , tomorrow , tonight , soon ) --------Next ( time, week , month , year
+ : I/ we + will/ shall + V ex.I will meet you someday
You / he / she / it + will + V They will go to my house tonight
: S + won’t / shan’t + V
? : will / shall + S +V ? -yes I will
- No I won’t

II Past tense with verb ---- Ved ( regular verb )
----- V ( irregular )
Regular verb : la nhung dong tu khi chuyen sang qua khu them ed
To work -> worked , plant -> planted , to need -> needed
cach them duoi ed
Dong tu tan cung la E chi them D live-> lived
V tu tan cung la Y truoc Y la mot nguyen am ( ue oai ) + ED
Play -> played , stay-> stayed
V truoc Y la mot phu am Y -> i + ed
Study -> studied , try -> tried
V tan cung la mot van or 2 van truoc co 1 nguyen am ta gap doi phu am
Stop -> stopped , plan -> planned
* Cach phat am tan cung la ed co 3 cach
1. / t / khi theo sau la p, k , f . sh, ch,
Looked , cooked , washed , stopped
2. / id / khi theo sau la t and d
Wanted . needed , planted
3. / d / khi theo sau la cac am con lai
Played seemed , loved, learned
Irregular verb
Be -> was, were, -> been
Become-> became -> become
Begin -> began -> began
Break -> broke -> broken
Bring -> brought -> brought
Build -> built -> built
Buy -> bought -> bought
Catch -> caught -> caught
Choose -> chose -> chosen
Come -> came -> come

C the usege : express one action happened in the past is used with ( yester day , ago
Last ( night. Year, month .. )
+ S + Ved / Vbqt
- s + didn’t + V
? did + s + V ? ----yes I did / No I didn’t
Ex : we met her yesterday _ when did you meet her ?
We didn’t meet her yesterday
Did you meet her yesterday ? yes we did

III. Past progessive
* form S + was / were + V ing
a, dien ta hanh dong dang say ra tai mot thoi diem nhat dinh trong qua khu
ex: we were learning English at 8 a.m yesterday
what were you doing at 8 .a.m yesterday
b, Dien ta mot hanh dong dang say ra mot hanh dong khac xen vao duoc dung voi tu ( when and while )
we were learning watching TV when she came
while I was crossing the road , I saw him in the cafe
c, Dien ta hai hay nhieu hanh dong say ra song song cung mot luc ( while )
My mother was reading , my sister was dong her home work , my brother was playing football, while my father was watching TV

Review is the mother of learning

Ten irrgular verb
Cut cut cut
Do did done
Drink drank drunk
Eat ate eaten
Fall fell fallen
Feel felt felt
Find found found
Fly flew flown
Get got gotten
Give gave given

Equality----- Comparative---------superlative
I Equality of adj
A, La so sanh vat nay bang vat kia , nguoi nay bang nguoi kia
S1 + be + as + adj + as + S2
Ex Nam is as tall as Ba Nam is as intelligent as Ba