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Week :1st The date of preparing: 15 / 08 / 2012
period :1st The date of teaching: 16 / 08 / 2012


I .Aims:
- By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to know:
-Some personal information their teacher and friends.
-How to use the textbook and workbook in class and at home.
-What they should and shouldn’t do in class.
-The way of practicing
-Some solution for greetings at the beginning and the end of a lesson
II. Teaching aid: Textbook , workbook.
III. procedures :
1. Greet and roll-call
2.New lesson.
- Introduce oneself : Names, ages . . .
- Guide to use textbook, workbook, notebooks in class and at home
- Guide the way of learning: work in pairs, in groups as the teacher’s instruction
- Guide the way of copy down into notebooks
- Say about the curriculum:
16 unit , a test after 3 units.
- Help students get acquainted with the teacher’s instruction language during a lesson’s time.
- Get students to prepare school things
- Teach some solution for greetings: - Good morning teacher
- Hi/ Hello
- Goodbye teacher
- Give some requests to students :
a . In class :- listen and do the activities by the teacher’s directions
-write the lesson carefully
3 . Homework :
- Learn by heart the greetings
- Prepare: Unit 1.Greetings. Part A1 - 4

Week :1st Date of preparing: 15 / 08 / 2012
period :2nd Date of teaching: 16 / 08 / 2012

Unit 1 : Greetings

I. Aims: By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to :
Greet people / - Introduce oneself
II. Language contents :
*1. Grammar : - I’m . . . / - My name’s . . . ( to be “am; is, are )
*2. Vocabulary : - Some greetings
III. Techniques: pairworks, chatting
IV. Teaching aids : Textbook , pictures , and realia
V. Procedures:
1.Greet and roll - call
2 Warm - up: - Say some greetings (Hi / Hello )
- Chatting about the names ( in Vietnamese )
3.New lesson
A. presentation :
* Introduce the situation
T uses the picture in the textbook to introduce ( Students meet each other in the new year school. They greet and introduce their name)
* Vocabulary :
- hello = hi ( T says the greetings to Ss , lets Ss guess and see the usage of the words )
- I (pro)
- name: tên
- T drills Ss to read the new words chorusly
-Ss listen and repeat. Then T calls on some Ss to read the new words in front of the class.
* Dialogue build :
a/ Lan : Hi. I’m [ Lan ] b/ Ba : Hello . My name’s [ Ba]
Nga : Hi. I’m [ Nga] Nam : Hello . my name’s [ Nam]
-Ss listen to the dialogue first
- Then listen and repeat
-Ss practice with their partners / -T gets feedback from some Ss
*T Elicits the model sentences . -T introduces himself and elicits the meaning of the sentences- I’m Ho / - My name`s Ho
- T writes the sentences and models it

I’m = I am
My name’s = My name is

B Practice :
+Drill the form with some cues

-T gives each student a card with a name Ss practice speaking
-T demonstrates : - Nam : Hi . I’m Nam / Hello. My name’s Nam
-Ss practice speaking (pair works)
-T calls on some pairs to practice before the class
C Production:
- T asks Ss to use their own names to practice the greetings and introduce names
- Ss work in pairs to make dialogues themselves
* Example:
Hoa: Hi, I am Hoa
Nga: Hi, I am nga
-T calls on some pairs to present their dialogue before the class
- T corrects their mistakes
4. Homework :
- Learn by heart the vocabulary
- Do the exercises 1,2,3(Page 4-5) in the workbook .

Week :1st Date of preparing: 20 / 08