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Round 18 – Grade 4 (24-3-2015)

Ex. 1/
The product of two numbers equals their quotation and equals 2015. The two numbers are:
a/ 2000 và 15 ; b/ 2014 và 1 ; c/ 2015 và 1 ; d/ 2015 và 0
Ex 2.
A fabrics shop are selling cloth, they sell 1/10 that cloth for every sale. After seven times, the cloth is 21 meters long. How long is the cloth at first by meters.
Ex 3.
A water hose into the tank fully for 2 hours , How long does it take if there are two taps so the flow is full?
Ex 4.
A man rides a motocycle in one fifth of an hour for a distance of 7km80m. How far does he travel in one minute by metter?
Ex 5.
The price of a book is 120000 thousand dollars. If the price is reduced by three tenth, how much will the book be?
Ex 6.
How many 4-digit number that is divisible by both 2 and 5?
enter the appropriate number:
Ex 7:
Find Y that : 65/91= y/133 – 5/133. Y = ? …..
Ex 8.
At first, Hoa made more than 24 flowers. She gave her friend a half of those flowers. After that, she made some more, so she has 14 flowers. How many flowers đid she has at first.?
Ex 9
. Bob buys threes times as many as Peter . Mia buys 3 apples more than Peter and 11 apples more than Bob. How many apples do they buy together?
A. 28 apples B. 29 apples C. 38 apples D. 31 apples
Ex 10.
Jane bought many of apples. She gave 2/5 of them for her bést friend, then she has 15 apples now. How many apples did she buy?
Ex 11.
How many natural numbers between 1000 and 4000 are there for which the thousands digit equals the sum of the other three digits?
A. 12 B. 16 C. 19 D.20

Ex 12.
The product of two numbers is 7392. if the first factor is multiplied 4 times and reduce the second factor 3 times. Then the new product will be :
a/ 88704 ; b/ 1506 ; c/ 9856 ; d/ 7393
Ex 13.
How many diferent two-digit even numbers (of diferent)?
a/ 40 ; b/ 44 ; c/ 41 ; d/ 45
Ex 14.
Which is the shortest period of time in those folowing :
a/ giờ ; b/ 500 giây ; c/ 5 phút ; d/ ngày
Ex 15.
When writing the natural numbers from 100 to 150 , How many time has written digit 1 ?
a/ 67 ; b/ 65 ; c/ 66 ; d/ 64
Ex 16.
Find the quotient of two numbers, know that the larger number is nine times than quotient is 3 times than the smaller number.
a/ 6 ; b/ 27 ; c/ 12 ; d/ 3
Ex 17
How many 4-digit numbers in which there is no digit 0 at all?
a/ 4096 ; b/ 6561 ; c/ 3024 ; d/ 6165
Ex 18.
How many two digits numbers in which it is 21 times more than the diference of its digits and the digit in unit is smaller than the digit in dozens.
a/ 4 ; b/ 5 ; c/ 3 ; d/ 2
The price of a book is 90 000 thousand dollars. If the price is reduced by twenty five one hundredth, how much will the customer have to pay to buy it?
Every 5 minutes , 60 liters of tap water into the tank, How many liters of water will that tap pour into the tank in 5/6 hour ?
In 2015, mom is 25 years older than son. Five years ago, the sum of their age was 45. How old are they in 2018?
The sum of three numbers is 1978. The first number is 58 more than the sum of the other two. If reduce 36 from the second number then it equals the third. Find the second number and the third one.

A man moves 250m in one third minutes by motobike. How far will he travel in an hour in kilomet?

Mrs Tuoi has 360 thousand dollars for shopping. She spends three fifth to buy rice, then she spends two third of the remaining to buy meat. How much will she have in remaining?

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