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Period: 84

Lesson 1: A1

I. Aim.
Students learn how to express what to do in free time.
Express like or dislike
To talk about TV and program in TV
II. Language contents:
1. Grammar:
Like/prefer + to-inf/gerund
2. Vocabulary:
(n) News, series, adventure, cricket, to guess
III. Techniques:
Reading comprehension, true false, rub out and remember
IV. Teaching aids:
Cassette, pictures
V. Procedure:

Teacher’s and students’ activity

- Teacher asks students some questions.
- Students answer.
- Teacher gives Students marks.

- Teacher uses things or gestures to teach new words.
- Students repeat and say the meaning.

- Students play the game.
- Teacher makes context to present the model.
- Teacher can explain the model.

- T has Sts to guess some sentences true or false before listen the dialogue

- Students listen to the tape.
- Students read in silence.
- Some read aloud.
- Students work in pairs to answer the questions.
- Teacher corrects and gives the answer key.

- Teacher has Students do one more exercises.
- Students put Teacher or F.
- Giving the answer key.

- Finally, T guides them what to prepare at home for the coming class.
- T remarks the students’ learning attitudes and ends the class.

I. Warm up:
* Marks:
1. What do you do in your free time?
2. Do you watch TV every night?
3. Who do you watch TV with?
4. Do you like watching cartoon?
1. In my free time, I watch TV
2. Yes, I do
3. My family watch TV with me
4. Yes, I like
II. Presentation:
* New words:
- News (n): tin tuc
- Series (n): truyền hình nhiều tập
- Adventure (n): cuộc phiêu lưu
- Cricket (n): con dế
- To prifer (n): thích hơn
- Chess(n): cờ vuasound (v) nghe, nghe như
- Boring (adj): nhạt nhẽo, tẻ nhạt
- To guess (v): đoán
- Detective movie (n): phim trinh thám
- Cowboy (n): cao bồi
* Rub out and remember.
* Model sentence:
Like to do something/ like doing something
Ex: I like to watch TV= I like watching TV
Prefer to do something/prefer doing something
Ex: He prefer to play football= He prefer playing football.
* True/ false:
1/ Lan invites Hoa to have dinner at her house.
2/ The adventure of the cricket begins at 6.30
3/ Hoa’s house has a TV set.
4/ Hoa’ aunt and uncle don’t like watching TV.
5/ In the evening, Hoa’s family often watch TV.
6/ Lan’s family watches TV every night
III. Practice:
1. F
2. F
4. T
5. F
6. T
* Answer key:
a/ A b/ A
c/ B d/ C e/ D
IV. Production:
Supply the correct forms of the verbs
1. I like (watch) TV. It’s my hobby
2. I’d like (watch) sports to (take) part in them
3. I like (wash) my hair every two days
4. I’d like you (meet) Lan, my new classmate
5. I’d like (see) the cartoon
1. watching
2. watching/taking
3. to wash
4. to meet
5. to see

V. Homework:
Learn the words/ the models.
Do exercises in workbook.
Practice the dialogue again at home
Prepare: A 2
+ Find new words
+ Read the dialogue and guess contents
+ Revise: Would you like to, Let’s, What about, Can you make it on

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Class 7A3:
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