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Division of lessons
1/ A 1
2/ A 2 - A 3
3/ A 4
4/ B 1 – B 2
5/ B 3- B 4

Period: 55

Lesson 1: A1

I. Aims:
By the end of the lesson, students can know the past simple, and write the right verb in the past simple, Sts can use the past simple to talk about the events in the past
II. Language contents:
1. Grammar:
The past simple tense
2. Vocabulary:
Aquarium, souvenir, gift
III. Techniques:
Slap the board, play game Pelmanism
IV. Teaching aids:
Pictures, tape, cassette
V. Procedure:
Teacher’s and student’s activity

- T asks Ss some questions, Sts listen and answer. If Sts do well, T can give marks

- T then sets the scene to teach the words
- T guides Sts to read new words chorally and individually

- T explains the model sentence to the students

- T explains the pronunciation when add “ed” Sts listen and write in notebook

- T introduce the dialogue: We are listening the dialogue between Ba and Liz to talk about the Liz’s holyday in NhaTrang

- T asks Student to listen to the tape.
- Then Students work in pairs.
- T can call Student to practice in front of the class.
- T has Ss read the dialogue in pairs
- Ss do in pairs
- T corrects their pronunciation

- T guides Ss to play game Pelmanism

- Finally, T guides them what to prepare at home for the coming class.
- T remarks the students’ learning attitudes and ends the class.
I. Warm up: (marks)
a) What do you always do in summer?
b) Do you like traveling?
c) Do you known which place it is?
d) What can we do when we visit Nha Trang?
a) I always……in summer
b) Yes, I like. No, I don’t like
c) Yes, I known this is Nha Trang city
d) We can bathing, visit some famous places
II. Presentation:
- Recent (adj) gần đây
- Welcome: hoan nghênh
- Wonderful (adj) tuyệt vời
- Friendly (adj) thân thiện
- Aquarium (n) bể/ hồ cá
- Souvenir (n) đồ lưu niệm
- Gift (n) quà tặng, quà biếu
- Tired (adj) mệt mỏi
- Trip (n) chuyến đi
( Slap the board
Model sentence
1. To be
I, He, She, It + was
You, We, They + were

Ex: I was at home yesterday
They were here two days ago
S + was/were + not

Were not = weren’t
Was not = wasn’t
Ex: He wasn’t present at the meeting last night
The children weren’t at church last Sunday
Was/ Were + S…..?

Ex: Was Nam at home yesterday?
Were you tired after the trip?
2. Regular verb
S + V-ed/2 + O

They visited Tri Nguyen Aquarium yesterday
Mr Robinson bought Liz a cap
S + did not + V-inf

Ex: He didn’t come to the party last night
Did + S + V-inf

Yes , S + did
No, S + did not (didn’t)
Ex: Did you watch television last night
Yes, I did ( No, I didn’t)
Adv: yesterday, two days ago, last week/night/year
Pronunciation “ED”
ED được phát âm là /t/ khi động từ kết thúc bằng các âm /s, sh, ch, p, k, f/
Ex: missed, talked, washed, watched
ED được phát âm là /id/ khi động từ kết thúc bằng âm / t, d/
Ex: planted, needed, wanted
ED được phát âm là /d/ trong các trường hợp còn lại
Ex: arrived, played, saved
A 1
Answer the questions
1. What places did Liz’s family visit?
2. Did Liz buy any souvenirs in NhaTrang?
III. Practice:
1. Liz’s family visited Cham temples and Tri Nguyen Aquarium
2. Yes, she did. She buy a lot of different