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Division of lessons
1. Getting started + Listen and read
2. Speak + Listen
3. Read
4. Write
5. Language Focus

Period: 61
Lesson 1: Getting started + Listen and read

I. Aim:
By the end of the lesson students will be able understand 3R, do something to protect the
environment and save natural resources
II. Language contents:
1. Grammar: none
2. Vocabulary:
representative, natural resources
(v) Recycle, protect, contact, fertilize
III. Teaching aids:
Posters, a chart, cassette
IV. Techniques:
Jumbled words, True/False prediction, Brainstorm…
V. Procedure:

Teacher’s and students’ activities

- Asks Ss to think of ways to reduce the amount of garbage they produce.
- Deliver posters to Ss, dividing them into 4 groups.
- Tell Ss to put the posters on the board after they finish and the team having the most ideas is the winner and get marks

- T presents the new words to Ss.
- Ss repeat then say the meaning

- Ss repeat and copy

- Stick 6 flashcards with jumbled words on the board
- Ask Ss to rewrite the words in the right order

- Set the scene: A representative from Friends of the Earth, Miss Blake, is talking to the students of Quang Trung school. Friends of the Earth shows people how to protect the environment and save natural resources
- Put the chart with the statements on the board
- Ask Ss to work in pairs to decide if the Statements are True or False.
Write the Sts guesses on the board.

- Ask Ss to open their books, listen to the tape while reading the dialogue
- Ss give their answer
- Call on Ss to correct the False statements
- Ss practice the dialogue
- Ask Sts answer the question on page 90
- Ss work in pairs
- T calls some pains to ask and answer the questions

- T corrects

- Write the topic on the board
“How to protect our environment?”
- Ask Ss to express their opinions/ideas
- Write their ideas on the board
- T corrects and has Ss copy
- T can give marks if they’re right

- Finally, T guides them what to prepare at home for the coming class.
- T remarks the students’ learning attitudes and ends the class.

I. Warm up:
getting started:
( Brainstorm

reuse plastic bags
Possible answer
Use cloth bags, use tree leaves to wrap things, make garbage into fertilizer, make vegetable matter into animal food…
Listen and read
II. Presentation:
*New words
- to reduce (v) giảm, giảm bớt
- Cloth (n) vải, cloth bag (n) túi vải
- To wrap (v) gói, bọc
- to reuse (v) tái sử dụng
- to recycle (v) tái chế, tái sinh
- fertilizer (n) phân bón
- garbage (n) rác rưởi
- plastic bag (n) túi nhựa, túi ni-lông
- vegetable matter (n) chất thực vật( gồm gốc rau, vỏ quả hoặc củ)
-representative (n) người đại diện, đại biểu
-protect (v) = keep someone/sth safe danger
-natural resource (n) tài nguyên thiên nhiên
- to overpackage (v) đóng gói quá kỹ
- throw away: bỏ đi, vứt đi
* Jumbled words
1 2 3

4 5 6

( True/False predictions / Marks
1/ Friends of the Earth is an organization to help people make friends with each other
2/ Miss Blake ask the students to remember 3 things: reduce, reuse, and recycle.
3/ Reduce means buying the products which are over packaged.
4/ We can not reuse things like envelopes, glass, plastic bottles, old plastic bags.
5/ Miss Blake say that we should use cloth bags and shouldn’t use plastic bags at all.
6/ Recycling means not just throwing things away but trying and finding another use for them.
III. Practice:
*Answer key
False ( … an organization to help people protect the environment and save natural resources
False ( Reduce means not