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Division of lessons
1/ Getting started -Listen and read
2/ Speak
3/ Listen
4/ Read
5/ Write
6/ Language focus

Period: 66

Lesson 1: Getting started + Listen and Read

I. Aim:
By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to use some expressions to express their interest
II. Language contents
1. Vocabulary:
(n) Crop, sugar cane, water buffalo, forty-minute drive
2. Grammar:
Would/Do you mind if……?
Would/ Do you mind + V-ing…..?
III. Techniques: Jumble words, Bingo
IV. Teaching aids cassette, 2 charts (jumbled words and pre-question), pictures
V. Procedure:

Teacher’s and students’ activities

- T puts the chart with jumbled words on the board
- T asks two groups to connect the words to make the right phrase for places of interest and write them on the board as fast as possible

- T asks Ss to open books and match the names with the pictures
- T corrects

- T presents some new words
- Ss repeat and say the meaning
- Ss copy

- T can give an example
- T asks Ss to notice that a plural noun must be changed to the singular form when preceding the noun it modifies in a noun phrase

- T holds class to play “What and where”

- T sets the scene
- T puts the chart with questions
- T gives Ss a few minutes to think about the questions

- T asks Ss to listen to the tape
- Have Ss work in pairs to answer the questions
- Call on some pairs to give their answers

- T corrects
- T asks Ss to work in pairs again and choose true or false
- Then work in groups to correct the false sentences

- T ask Ss to discuss and pick out the sentences containing the situations mentioned

- Ss work in groups

- Finally, T guides them what to prepare at home for the coming class.
- T remarks the students’ learning attitudes and ends the class.

I. Warm up: Marks (10)
Jumbled words

Answer key
Ngo mon Gate, Ha Long Bay, The Temple literature, Nha Rong Harbor
Getting started
a/ Ngo Mon Gate d/ Ha Long Bay
b/ Nha Rong Harbor
c/ The Temple Literature
Listen and read
II. Presentation:
1. New words:
-crop (n) vụ mùa
-Sugar cane (n) cây mía
-water buffalo ( buffaloes (n) con trâu
-forty minute drive (n) 40 phút lái xe
- corn (n) ngô
2. Model sentence
Would you mind if I + V (simple past) + O?
Do you mind if I + V (simple present) + O?

 Ex: Would you mind if I smoked here?
Would you mind if I took a photo?
Do you mind if I give him the key?
( not at all, please do I’m sorry, I can’t)
Would/ Do you mind + V-ing + O?

Ex: Would you mind driving me around the town?
Do you mind not using the office phone?

What and where

1. Where does Hoa meet The Jones?
2. Is it the first time The Jones have visited Vietnam?
3. How do they travel to Hanoi?
4. What do they see along the road to Hanoi?
5. What would Tim like to do?
III. Practice:
Answer keys
Hoa meets the Jones at the airport
Yes, it is
By taxi
They see a boy riding a water buffalo rice paddies, corn and sugar cane fields
He’d like to take a photo
Answer keys
False ( … in a taxi
F ( Not only rice and corn but also sugar
canes are grown around Hanoi
IV. Production:
* to express interest:
Ex: I’d like you to meet my parents…
-I’d like to sit down with Tim

* to express a request
Ex: Would you mind sitting in the front seat?

V. Homework :
-Read the dial and get the content of it again
-Learn new words by heart
-Do exercises in workbooks