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Division of lesson
1. Getting started + Listen & Read
2. Speak
3. Listen
4. Read
5. Write
6. Language focus

Period: 55

Lesson 1: Getting started + Listen & Read

I. Aim:
By the end of the lesson, Ss can know what they would do in the situations, which require first- aid
II. Language contents:
1. Vocabulary:
(n) Ambulance, emergency, bleeding,
(adj) unconscious , conscious , bleed ( v)
2. Grammar: Future simple
III. Techniques:
Slap the board, Kim`s game
IV. Teaching aids:
Pictures, cassette, gap fill chart
V. Procedures:

Teacher’s and Ss’ activities

- Tell Ss these things are often used for first- aid
- Divide the class into two groups
- Ask Ss to write the names of the things they`ve just seen from memory
( in English or Vietnamese)
-T corrects

- Ss discuss and write what they would do in these situations ( in groups )
- T corrects and gives marks

- T presents new words
- Ss repeat and say meaning
- Ss copy

- Ss play the games to check vocabulary

- T hangs the chart with the paragraph on the board
- Ask Ss to complete in the gaps

- Ss listen to the tape
- Then check the predictions are right or not
- Ss practice the dialogue
- Ask Ss to answer the questions
- Ss read the dialogue again and select the topics covered in the dialogue
- Work in groups
- T corrects

- T has Ss say statements are true or false
- Ss practice in individually
- T corrects

- Finally, T guides them what to prepare at home for the coming class.
- T remarks the students’ learning attitudes and ends the class.

I. Warm up: /
marks ( 10)
Kim`s game
Getting started:
Answer key
1. emergency room 4. ice
2. Sterile dressing 5. water pack
3. Medicated oil 6. alcohol
+ Possible answer
+ A girl has a burn on her arm -> Use cold water/ ice to ease the pain
+ A boy has a bad cut on his leg-> Use alcohol/ medicated oil/ sterile dressing.
+ A girl has a nose bleed -> Use a handkerchief to stop the bleeding/ tell her to lie down
+ A boy has a bee sting -> Use medicated oil

II. Presentation:
*New words :
-firt-aid (n) sự sơ cứu
- to hurt (v) làm bị thương
- To clam down (v) làm dịu đi, làm bình tĩnh
- Towel (n) khăn tắm
- handkerchief ((n) khăn tay
- Wound (n) vết thương
- Tight (adv) chặt, chặt chẽ
- Asleep (adj) ngủ, đang ngủ
- Promise (v) hứa
- Awake (adj) tỉnh
- Instruction (n) lời chỉ dẫn
- burn (n) vết bỏng
- ambulance ( n ) xe cứu thương
- emergency ( n ) tình trạng khẩn cấp
- unconscious # conscious(a) bất tỉnh
- bleed ( v ) -> the bleeding chảy máu
- wound (n) vết thương
- handkerchief (n) khăn tay
- sting (bee sting) (n) vết đốt (ong đốt)
+ Slap the board
Model sentences
The Future simple
S + will/shall +V-inf+O
S + will/shall + not + V-inf + O
Will/Shall + S + V-inf + O

Adv: tomorrow, next,…
Gap fill prediction
. "There was an emergency at Lan`s school. A student ______ off her bike and hit her head on the road. She was _____ but she cut her head and the ______ was______ badly. Lan telephoned Bach Mai Hospital and asked the nurse to send an ____
to Quang Trung School. Lan was asked to keep the student _____while waiting for the ambulance"
III. Practice:
Answer key
1. fell 4. bleeding
2. conscious 5. ambulance
3. cut 6. awake
2. Select the topics covered in the dialogue
Answer key
a, b, c, e, f

IV. Production:
Say statements are true or false