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Division of lessons
1/ A 1 - 2
2/ A 3 - A5
3/ A 4
4/ B 1-2
5/ B 3

Period: 79

Lesson 1: A1 – A2

I. Aim:
By the end of lesson, Ss can be able to tell the ten most popular sport of teenagers in the USA and tell the most popular sports of teenagers in Vietnam
II. Language contents:
1. Grammar: Surprisingly, many teenagers said they like table tennis

2. Vocabulary: skateboarding, roller-skating, rollerblading, football, baseball
III. Techniques:
Ask and answer, survey
IV. Teaching aids:
Pictures, tape
V. Procedure:

Teacher’s and students’ activities

- Teacher warms up the class.
- Students answer.

- Teacher uses pictures to present the new words.
- Students say the meaning.

- T explains the model sentence to the students.

- T ask Sts make a list of the sports which you play in your free time

- Students listen to the tape.
- Students listen.
- Then students read it in silence.

- Teacher asks students some questions.
- Students answer.
- Students work in pairs, asking and answering the questions given.
- Correcting.

- T ask Sts take a survey in class, “ Which sport is the most popular in Viet Nam?”

- At last, Teacher ask Sts tell the order ten the most popular sport of teenagers in the USA

- Finally, T guides them what to prepare at home for the coming class.
- T remarks the students’ learning attitudes and ends the class.

I. Warm up:
Which sport do you often play?
What are your favorite sports?
I often play…………..
My favorite sports are………..
II. Presentation:
*New words:
- Surprising (adj): đáng ngạc nhiên
- Simple (adj): đơn giản, giản dị
- Baseball (n): bóng chày
- Skateboarding (n): trượt ván
- roller- skating ( n): trượt patanh ( sử dụng giày trượt có bánh xe ở 4 góc)
- rollerblading( n): trượt patanh( giầy co bánh xe nằm dọc dưới dế giày)
- Athletics (n): điền kinh
* Model sentence:
Surprisingly, many teenagers said they like table tennis
III. Practice:
Is baseball your favorite sports? If not, what is your first choice?
Do you like table tennis?

a/ No, baseball isn’t my favorite one. My first choice is football….
b/ Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
A2: Take a class survey.
Which sport do you like best?

IV. Production:
V. Homework:
-Learn be heart new words
-Read the A1 again and answer again these question
-Prepare A3 – A5
+ Find some new words
+ Listen before A3
+ Read dialogue A5 and do exercise

Attendance: Class 7A1:
Class 7A2:
Class 7A3:
-Ưu điểm:

Period: 80

Lesson 2: A3 – A5

I. Aim:
By the end of lesson, Sts will be able to understand about the adv of manner
Sts can be aware of safety warnings when swimming
II. Language contents:
1. Grammar: Form and use of adv
2. Vocabulary: lifeguard, pool edge, skill, sudden, safe, careless, strict
III. Techniques:
Rub out and remember
IV. Teaching aids:
Cassette, picture
V. Procedure:

Teacher’s and students’ activities

- Teacher asks students some question.
- Students answer.
- Teacher gives students marks.

- Teacher presents new words to Ss.
- Students repeat and say the meaning.
- Students copy.

- Students play the game.

- Students look at the pictures and practice with a partner

- Students read the text and change the adjectives to the adverbs.
- In the part, T has students listen and fill in the blanks